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1989 World Series Game 3 Quake




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Never say, “It can’t happen here!”
Hope for the best, but always prepare for the worst.

Wood/Wirt County LEPC Community Alert Posted on Wednesday, August 31, 10:30 PM: “The Parkersburg News and Sentinel website reports that at approximately 5:35 a.m. on Wednesday, August 31, an estimated 3.0-magnitude earthquake was noted in the Reno, Ohio, area according to the Ohio Earthquake Information Center.

“While a 3.0 tremble is barely noticeable, it is remarkable that there have now been two reported ’quakes within an 8-day period in our ‘seismic-stable’ region. To ignore earthquake preparedness may not be terribly wise.”

Loma Prieta Earthquake
San Francisco Bay Area  1989

Notice the huge number of civilian volunteers
doing rescue work in these videos

Notice the huge number of civilian volunteers doing rescue work in these videos. Because the mayors of the Bay Cities recognized the value of these heroic civilian volunteers during this disaster in which the first responders were immediately totally overwhelmed, shortly after this earthquake San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley implemented the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) program that had recently been developed by the Los Angeles Fire Department. Any local government that ignores the tremendous value of citizen volunteers is not only foolish, but also criminally negligent.

National Archives and Records Administration Video

This video recording documents scenes of the October 17, 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake and its aftermath. The largest to hit the San Francisco area since 1906 and registering a 7.1 magnitude, the Loma Prieta Earthquake's effects are shown during the Candlestick Park World Series game, in stores, and on the street. Much of the footage is devoted to the California Highway Patrol's response to, and findings of, the seismic shaking on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and the Cypress Street Viaduct, two of the most severely hit structures in the area. Scenes show difficult rescue attempts and earthquake victim evacuations.


Moments after the Great San Francisco Earth Quake of 1989


Tom Brokaw and the NBC Nightly News.

48 Hours: San Francisco Earthquake in 6 Parts

San Francisco Earthquake 1989 • Part 1 of 6


San Francisco Earthquake 1989 • Part 2 of 6


San Francisco Earthquake 1989 • Part 3 of 6


San Francisco Earthquake 1989 • Part 4 of 6


San Francisco Earthquake 1989 • Part 5 of 6


San Francisco Earthquake 1989 • Part 6 of 6

ABC 1989 World Series Game 3 Earthquake

Earthquake Stops The World Series (1989)

And on a personal note …

Your webmaster commuted the Cyprus Structure for a little over five years. On the day of the earthquake, God had him working overtime and he missed his normal homeward commute on the bottom deck of the Structure, perhaps between these two cars.

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