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On October 27, 2011, the Wood/Wirt County LEPC began utilizing a new opt-in communications service that allows us to send important, valuable community information directly to residents using the latest technology. (The term “opt-in” means that you have to specifically request to receive messages from this service.)

Since this is a free opt-in service, in order to receive these messages via text message, email, or website,  residents must register at and specify the communities and agencies for which they wish to receive notifications.

The Nixle Community Information Service allows us to create and publish messages to be delivered to subscribed residents instantly via cell phone text message and/or email. Notifications can also be accessed online at Nixle’s web site at

Messages may include weather alerts or notification of any event or situation that poses a potential safety hazard to our community, as well as other relevant safety and community event information.

The service is secure, reliable, and easy to use for both the LEPC and for the community that we serve. Your information is totally secure; we cannot access is, nor do we have any way of determining who is subscribed to the service.

Messages can be sent specifically to residents registered within a ¼ mile radius, giving them the opportunity to receive trustworthy information relevant only to their neighborhood. Residents decide from which local agencies they want to receive information. Subscribers can also choose the way in which alerts are received, whether it is by email, text message, or over the web.

Nixle builds on the foundations of other public-to-public communication services, such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, but adds a key component: security. When citizens receive information from our agency via Nixle, they know it can be trusted.

We are very excited to have you experience it for yourself.

About Nixle

Nixle is a community information service provider built exclusively to provide secure and reliable communications. It is the first authenticated and secure service that connects municipal agencies and community organizations to residents in real time, delivering information to geographically targeted consumers over their cell phones (via text messages), through e-mails and via Web access. Nixle has secured a partnership with Nlets (the International Justice and Public Safety Network), allowing local police departments nationwide to send immediate alerts and advisories. For more information, visit

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