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The Mid-Ohio Valley Animal Emergency Preparedness Committee was formed as a result of federal legislation requiring an animal component to all emergency plans. It is made up of veterinarians, public health officials, boarding kennel owners, humane society representatives, WV Department of Agriculture representatives, county emergency planners, and the American Red Cross. If you should be interested in serving on this committee, you are most welcome.

One goal of the committee was to write an annex to the emergency plans currently in place in the counties of Calhoun, Pleasants, Ritchie, Roane, Wirt, and Wood. Much has been done, and the draft plan is available here for your information. We continue to develop the resource lists (as they may be different in each county) and welcome any assistance or input you may have.

Another goal is to begin a public awareness campaign regarding the need for families to include their pets or large animals in family emergency plans. Activities toward this goal included a booth at the air show held at the Mid Ohio Valley Regional Airport in September 2006, as well as subsequent displays at various health fairs, county fairs, and other community events in order to disseminate information to the public.

Future plans involve the development of an animal first aid course that would be offered free to the public. Curriculum for this class has not yet been developed and we would welcome any input you may have.

In working with the West Virginia State Department of Agriculture we are in process of assisting in the recruitment of individuals interested in participating on the West Virginia State Animal Response Team (SART). SART is a state/local animal response team created through a private-public partnership to serve as a unifying network of organizations, businesses, federal, and state government agencies to support prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery for emergencies involving animals. An application for membership in SART is here.

Go here for information about the Mid-Ohio Valley Large Animal Rescue Team.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or are interested in joining us please contact Michelle Rudd, Humane Society of Parkersburg at (304) 422-5541; Leslie Elliott, DVM, Mineral Wells Veterinary Clinic at (304) 489-2799; or Kristine Green at the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department at (304) 420-1481.

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