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Put "ICE" On Your Cell Phone





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Put ICE on your cell phone

It could save your life and notify loved ones!

“ICE” Marks Your Contacts to Call in Case of Emergency

Your cell phone can help emergency responders and healthcare workers to identify you and notify your loved ones when you are unconscious or otherwise unable to provide them with emergency contact information.

Cell phone screen shotThe American Red Cross and other emergency agencies recommend that you “flag” your emergency contacts in your cell phone’s contact list with the word ICE - In Case of Emergency. Just include the word ICE in the name, title, company, or other field that is immediately displayed when you open the contact list on your phone.

Most emergency responders and Emergency Room staff are now aware of this practice, so all they have to do is to search your cell phone’s contact list for any name containing “ICE.”

In an ACEP (American College of Emergency Physicians) news release, Dennis McKenna, MD, of New York's Albany Medical Center, said:

“We are often struggling to reach family members when a patient cannot speak to us, and the first place we might look is a cell phone. A family member or friend is one of our best resources for learning about the patient's medical history.

Once a visitor is in the emergency department, we can make the most of his or her time by teaching something valuable. In the future, patients with ICE on their cell phone may help us give them the best possible treatment in a timely fashion.”

There are two ways to do this, and it is recommended that you do both.

Create ICE Entries in Your Phone’s Contact List

Simply add the word ICE in the Name, Title, Company, or other field that displays on your contact list; or

1. Open your cell phone contact list to create a new entry.

2. Enter the word ICE with the name and number of the person you would like contacted in an emergency.

3. To list multiple contacts name the entries ICE 1, ICE 2, ICE 3.

Examples: ICE 1-Husband-Tom

ICE 2-Mother-Mary

ICE 3-Son-Joe


Create an ICE Group

Create a new Contact Group, and add to that group every person you have flagged with the ICE tag.


Emergency workers look for the
codeword "ICE" when they
turn on your phone.

Help them help you!
Program your phone today!

The purpose of this program is to assist
emergency workers and first responders.

All others should call 9-1-1 when
encountering an emergency situation.

Be Safe. Be Healthy. Be Ready.

Download a pdf flyer here

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